April 16, 2015

This Week in Native: The Importance Of Quality In Advertising

This week in native...

Sharethrough unveils technology to ensure quality content, Facebook might build a native ad exchange, how Yahoo built a native ad platform in 45 days and Ev Williams tells us what's missing with metrics.

Programmatic Native Advertising Gets Quality Control with Sharethrough

Quality Control For Programmatic Native

Real-time bidding has a reputation in digital advertising for allowing all types of ads, regardless of quality.

Sharethrough is combatting this through Content Quality Score for programmatic native ads.

With the right controls in place, quality ads can be ensured for the people who see them, advertisers who create them and publishers who serve them. Higher quality ads can deliver a better user experience for consumers, better placement for advertisers and higher CPMs for publishers.

Native Ad Exchange

Is Facebook Building a Native Ad Exchange?

With a new patent filed for an ad exchange that leverages social data to serve ads and content (native ads) on sites outside of the platform, Facebook could take on Google as the leading advertising company.

For publishers and advertisers, this means that they would be able to buy and sell ads using Facebook user data. This is significant. Accurate targeting and attribution is every marketer's dream.

While companies file patents all the time and some products don't come to fruition, this patent is very feasible and makes sense for Facebook to capture the growing $21B native ad market.

Building A Native Ad Platform In 43 Days

How Yahoo Built A Native Ad Platform In 43 Days

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has been in the spotlight for big ad acquisition plays like Tumblr, Flurry and Brightroll. Fast Company reveals Mayer likes to work small and fast. She set up an 18-person team that completed a 45-day skunkworks project two days early to create Gemini, Yahoo's native advertising platform that boasts $300m in revenue in 2014.

For publishers, it is important to see how a native advertising strategy can be quickly implemented and how a big company entrenched in a declining business can turn it around in less than six weeks.

Medium.com in the bid for quality content in the clickbait age

Ev Williams' Rules For Quality Content In The Clickbait Age

Content isn't what it used to be.

Medium's Ev Williams is on a mission to restore quality. In an interview with WIRED, Williams reveals that he's learned that metrics don't tell you what you need to know the most.

In the digital age we are held to extremely high standards for accuracy and measurability. Yet, many of these numbers can't be compared and there is more value beyond the number. Site visitors won't tell you as much as Medium's Total Time Read (TTR) metric.

For publishers and advertisers alike, it is important to understand who you're creating content for and how you want people to engage with it. The number of likes or shares won't tell you as much as the time spent with your content.

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stat of the week

Stat of The Week: 59%

The Association of Online Publishers' recent study states that 59% of consumers find native ads informative and interesting.