March 6, 2013

What Is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is defined as ad strategies that allow brands to promote their content into the endemic experience of a website or app.

Native ad experiences differ from traditional digital ad formats such as display and pre-roll because they are well integrated to the visual design of a publisher’s site and are choice-based, meaning that they do not rely on interruptive or distracting mechanisms to force a user’s attention.

Native advertising exists in many different formats, including promoted videos, images, articles, music and other media types. The consistent attributes of native ads across all of these types of media are 1) Strong visual integration with the publisher’s look and feel 2) Choice-based interaction 3) Content-based experiences, i.e. ads are experienced as standalone content, not attached to unrelated media on the site.

Native ads are distributed across two specific types of online platforms: Closed and Open.

Closed Vs. Open Native advertising:

  • Closed – Native advertising on** “Closed” **platforms is defined by brands creating profiles and/or content within a platform, then promoting that content within the confines of that same closed platform. Examples include Promoted Tweets on Twitter, Sponsored Stories on Facebook and TrueView Video Ads on Youtube.
  • Open – Native advertising on** “open” **platforms is defined by the ability for a brand to promote the same piece of branded content across multiple platforms within native ad formats. Unlike closed platforms, the branded content asset lives outside the platform. For example, Sharethrough is an open native advertising platform, as it allows brands to promote the same video file in native ad placements across multiple publishers.

See below for examples of platforms and publishers that offer native ad experiences:

Sharethrough Native Adscape

The Native Adscape is a reference tool that provides a holistic look at the Native Advertising market landscape. The Adscape segments companies and publishers by several different categories, including social vs. editorial, platform vs. publisher, open vs. closed platforms, and mobile vs. PC. As native advertising continues to grow as both a publisher monetization and branded content distribution strategy, the Native Adscape will continue to add new companies and platforms.

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