July 10, 2019

Sharethrough Named Top Performing Exchange for Driving Quality Traffic

A new report by traffic measurement company Nudge revealed that the native ad exchange Sharethrough drives higher quality post-click traffic than other non-social ad exchanges.

According to Nudge's 2019 report, Sharethrough users spent 2.6X more time on site than all other global mobile traffic, nearly 2X more time on site than banner traffic and 50% more time on site than traffic from other native ads.

The results are a good reminder of a well known fact - not all exchanges are created equal. A new breed of exchange, lead by Sharethrough, is emerging that focuses on the one aspect other exchanges ignore: the aesthetics of an impression.

Historically, ad exchanges bid into pre-defined boxes on a page. Sharethrough is taking those boxes on a page, reading the aesthetics of the surrounding content (e.g. font color, font size, thumbnail size, etc.) and serving an ad that better fits in with the rest of the site. The result is better looking ads that, as Nudge and industry benchmarks confirm, out-perform traditional ad placements.

Ads that fit the form and function of the site they are on consistently outperform the same content across the board on other metrics like increasing brand awareness, clickthrough rate, video completion rate and of course time spent on site post click. Not to mention higher conversion rates - an area of research Nudge is determined to work on next.

To learn more, read the full report here.