October 30, 2018

Sharethrough Launches Header Bidding Adapter for Index Exchange

We’re excited to announce Sharethrough’s latest header bidding integration with Index Exchange. Publishers using Index’s Header Tag Wrapper are now able to integrate Sharethrough’s adapter to bid into their standard display and native inventory. This launch gives Index publishers access to unique native and video demand from Sharethrough’s proprietary campaigns and the 30+ DSPs integrated with the Sharethrough Exchange (STX).

Sharethrough’s adaptive templating technology ensures that every native ad matches the look and feel of each site and is automatically optimized to maximize performance and yield. Native ads are integrated seamlessly in each placement on every site, regardless of the type of inventory, giving publishers the ease of a display integration with all the benefits of native performance.

To kick off this partnership, we’ve launched with Bustle Digital Group, a leading publisher reaching millions of millennial women across their flagship sites: Bustle, Elite Daily, Romper, and The Zoe Report. With their commitment to high-quality advertising experiences, and their forward-thinking approach to programmatic, Bustle Digital Group is successfully monetizing their display and native inventory with premium native demand from STX within their Index wrapper.

"Sharethrough streamlined a successful launch and we are hopeful they will drive significant incremental revenue for us,"

-Evan Pfeffer, VP of Programmatic Solutions

Now that Sharethrough’s bidder is certified in Index's wrapper, the majority of content publishers can tap into premium native demand from STX with turnkey header bidding integrations through Index and Prebid. These integrations give advertisers access to high-performing, in-feed and in-article inventory across thousands of sites to reach their target audiences and achieve their marketing objectives.

For more information about integrating Sharethrough’s bidder into your Index (or Prebid.js) wrapper, click here. Existing clients can find self-serve instructions here.